Fix Openload or olpair Kodi stream authorization error with 3 easy steps

If you are using Kodi video add-ons for streaming the content then you would have come across different popup messages. Kodi will display an error message in those popups. One such popup message which most of us will come across in Kodi is “Stream authorization failed”. This is one of the most common error on Kodi. These errors occur when you didn’t authorize the streaming provider. There are multiple streaming providers. One such provider is olpair also called as openload pair. This article is all about how to fix olpair Kodi streaming authorization error.

What are the Kodi Streaming Providers?

While streaming for movies in covenant or Exodus or other video add-ons, have you noticed different providers loading? Providers are a group of third party sites or hosts, who provide the streaming service. Since its a service, they are providing it under two category. They are Free services and paid services. The paid services (premium membership) includes unlimited movies for 24*7, access from various device and cloud storage feature. The free services have got a limitation of 4 hours of streaming per day.

Most of the providers are providing streaming services on this basis. Being a Kodi user, most of us use free services. Moreover, who will pay for a service, when they can get the same service for free? This is the prime reason for stream authorization error. As most of the users opt for free streaming, the streaming providers won’t be able to handle much traffic. Because these providers like olpair have very limited resources for streaming purposes and can’t serve such huge crowd. Moreover, there are chances of receiving fake traffic as well.

In order to restrict such huge traffic, the stream authorization concept is implemented. These popups will ask us to pair with the provider site like So a user, we must go to the provider’s site and validate our IP address. Once our IP is activated in we can enjoy streaming for the next 4 hours.

Note: The site which you are supposed to validate your IP may change according to the providers. In our case, I assume that it’s So if you need to fix the openload pair or olpair kodi error, then continue reading… 😉

How to fix olpair or openload pair Kodi error?

Caution: Streaming copyrighted material on Kodi or anyother software is illegal. Your ISP may track your online streaming activity and send your copyright notice which could end up in trouble. Hence it is high advised to keep your online activity anonymous.

So the question is, how the hell could I hide my activity? Well! Using IPVanish VPN is the one-stop solution for all your streaming related issues. By using a VPN you can connect to a different country IP address and hide your actual IP. By this way, you can protect yourself and keep your Kodi streaming completely anonymous.

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In this article, we are going to share three easy methods to fix the olpair Kodi error.

olpair kodi error fix

Method 1: Fix Olpair Kodi error by authorizing your IP

The best possible way of fixing openload pair or olpair Kodi error is by authorizing your IP Address. To do it, follow the steps given as follows…

  • Open on your device.
    Note: Make sure that the device which runs Kodi and the device you are using to open the olpair site are connected to the same internet connection. (Example: If you are running Kodi on firestick and your firestick is connected to your home Wi-Fi, then connect your mobile/ tablet/ laptop to the same home Wi-Fi and then open
    It is advised to open the olpair website privately because it might load some dirty ads 😛
  • Once you have opened the website, you will find something like this…
    openload pair kodi error fix
  • Here you can find your IP address and a captcha for human verification.
  • Next, you have to verify the captcha and click on Pair button.
  • The pair button is available below the ads.
  • Once pairing is done successfully you will find the message as follows… kodi error fixing
  • You have successfully paired your IP address. Just open Kodi now and select the olpair/ openload providers. Your movie will start to stream.

NOTE: As it is a free service, your IP address can be paired with for 4 hours only. If you want unlimited streaming, then you gotta change your IP address. Well, now the question is how could I change my IP address? Don’t worry! We have got a solution for it. It’s none other than VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN is a service through which we can change our IP address and stay anonymous online. While there are various VPN service providers in the market, we found IPVanish to be the best VPN for Kodi. Because IPVanish has hundreds of servers with unique IP addresses over 60+ countries. With the use of IPVanish, we can stream seamlessly on Kodi by changing the IP address 😉 Get a special discount on IPVanish annual plan exclusively for our readers…

Is this method safe?

I can’t give a monotonous answer to this query. Because streaming movies, TV shows, , PPV, sports, and other pirated content is strictly prohibited in some countries. Also, it is said that even ISP sends some legal notices for streaming such content and blocks the access to such streaming services. So if you want to play a safe game, then it is highly advised to stream by changing the IP address with a reliable VPN service like IPVanish.

Though there are two other methods, I personally consider this as the best fix. The other methods are intended to remove these providers. Continue reading to find other ways of fixing olpair Kodi Error.

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Method 2: Disabling Olpair from the hosters with captcha list

If you are using only limited number of add-ons, this method may suit you. Here, we will manually disable the hoster which has these types of hosters. More precisely, we are configuring certain add-on, to ignore the hosters if it has a captcha verification.

  • Right-click on the video add-on which shows olpair error.
  • Select settings.
  • Under the playback header, disable the option “hosters with captcha”.

This will reduce the fetching time since the number of links to be fetched is low. This method also has a disadvantage, the video can’t play with other providers without captcha.

Method 3: Fix olpair Kodi error by configuring URL Resolver

In case if you have a large collection of add-ons, disabling captcha for each and every addon is a tedious process. Luckily we are having URL Resolver. URL resolver is a dependency script. This is responsible for fetching the content over the internet. So now we will modify the settings, to ignore certain providers. Since each and every addon use the URL Resolver to fetch its content, those blocked providers will not be shown on any addons. In this way, you can block the providers with captcha. This is not a fix, this is an alternate way. If you do so, you will get the direct streaming links.

Follow the steps below to configure the URL resolver.

  • Navigate to Settings > System settings > Change to expert mode.
  • Under addon header, select manage dependency > URL resolver > configure.
  • A list of providers will be displayed based on the previously streamed providers. And they are sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Select the providers > Disable. Now restart your Kodi and check if the video streams successfully.

These are steps to fix olpair Kodi error. This is a generalized method, you can use this method for any stream authorization error. For every stream authorization, the pairing URL may vary.

Hope this tutorial is clear. If you are facing any issue during this process, do let us know via comments. We will clarify or contact you as soon as possible.

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